Bill's Atchison Bio and Stuff

A brief list of some great companies I've worked for and some other stuff I've done and someday I might spruce this page up.

I've been programming since 1978 and was first published in 1980. The guys from '80 US Journal bought my Z-80 disassembler written in TRS-80 Level II basic and it was very popular. From that article I was hired on the spot for my first actual job as a programmer at Beatty Electronics in Kansas City doing multi-user Audio Retail accounting software on MP/M if anyone remembers that old operating system and I've been programming professionally ever since.

Worked a few years at Tallgrass Technologies in the early '80s  where I developed early disk and tape backup software for the first IBM-PC clones. Made a couple of interesting innovations in this area, more on that later.

Developed and distributed Bizarre-64 BBS software for the Commodore-64.

Development Manager of Lotus cc:Mail for Windows from '89-91 starting the original prototype on Windows 386 right before Windows 3.0 came out which put us in the right place at the right time to have a product become an overwhelming success.

Director of Engineering for Breakthrough Software's ShopZone eCommerce software released in '97 at the start of the internet craze.

Currently working on some interesting things, more about those later.

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